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Asian Pulp & Paper Expo 2014 

25 – 28 September 2014

The 2nd International Exhibition on Pulp & Paper, Paper Products, Machinery, Technology, Equipment, Materials & Supplies


• Paper Products (Paper Boards, Printing Paper, Speciality Paper, Others)

• Pulp & Paper Technology, Machinery & Equipment

• Paper Convention Technology

• Chemical for Pulp & Paper

• Mechanical & Engineering Technology

• Automation & Instrumentation

• Material Handling for Pulp & Paper

• Transportation & Logistic Services & Technology

• Power Supply Technology

• Financial Institution

• Others Related

Enormous Bussiness & Growth Opportunity in Asia Paper Industry

With the recovery of Asia Economy and given the fast growing number of potential market opportunities that asia now offers, there is high level of interest – definitely cannot be overlooked.

As we enter the 21st century, the pulp and paper industry faces many profound changes to its traditional structure and custom. Success requiers innovative technologie and creative business strategies, foresight and flexibilty.

Asian Pulp & Paper Expo 2014 will be held concurrenly with Allprint Indonesia and Intercorrugated offers you a unique oppurtunity to tell your potential customer how you can help them meet the challenges. This event is one of the best ways for you to show your past crisis-hit potential customers that you are important to their success.

Asian Pulp & Paper Expo 2014 is your cost effective opportunity to reach the right audience, as it is a heavily concentrated papermaking country, attendance from mills in Indonesia an around the region should be strong and it will be a good value for your marketing value.

an Extend reach to your potential customers across asia

Asian Pulp & Paper Expo 2014 will extend its audience reach with the incorporation of  Allprint Indonesia & Intercorrugated tradeshow. To Ensure that the show delivers its promise of success, the organizer has commenced an extensive promotion campaign throughout asia. A major component of the campaign is the strong support by the Indonesia Pulp and Paper Association and Indonesia Corrugated carton box Association, which will officially invite potential buyers from its member countries ( Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, Hongkong, Phillipines, China, Korea, Srilanka & Thailand ) to visit the show.

In order to serve you better, we offer a whole publicity campaign package speciality designed for you. We are here to help you maximize the bussiness opportunitiesby promoting the show extensively across the region, ensuring the best quality and quantity visitors, helping you get the most out being at Asian Pulp and Paper Expo 2014, Allprint Indonesia & Inter Corrugated Expo 2014.


Indonesia : The Pulp & Paper Hub

The Biggest Majority of Pulp and Paper mill survey respondents rated convenience of location as one of the most important components of a tradeshow they would most likely attend. More than 80 pulp and paper mills and 1,000 box plants currently operating in Indonesia are within the reach of nearly 8,000 Industry professionals who are only a day’s journey away of the show venue

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